Associate Director
Technology Licensing Office
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mr. Turner joined the M.I.T.’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) in February of 1993 after working for more than twenty-five years in engineering and senior management positions at three, Boston-area, high-technology companies. The TLO manages the intellectual property belonging to M.I.T. In the course of a year, the TLO typically reviews more than 600 technology disclosures, seeks patent protection for over 250 inventions, and negotiates approximately 100 license agreements.

Following his graduation for M.I.T. (Electrical Engineering, 1966), Mr. Turner spent ten years with the Equipment Division of the Raytheon Company. As Operations Manager for the 440L over-the-horizon radar early warning system, Mr. Turner directed the daily operation of transmitter and receiver sites in the Far East and Europe from a correlation center in northern Italy. On his return from Italy, he became the Manager of Weather Radar Programs in the Equipment Division’s Advanced Development Laboratory.

In 1976, Mr. Turner left Raytheon to become Vice President of Engineering and subsequently Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Metritape, Inc., a small, early-stage company providing precision liquid-level gauging systems for very large tanks, especially the marine tanker industry. Mr. Turner continued to serve on Metritape’s Board of Directors until the company was acquired by Consilium Marine AB (Sweden) in January of 1996.

After six years with Metritape, Mr. Turner joined the founding team of the Controlonics Corporation to lead the engineering organization in the development of Whistler-brand radar detectors, voice scramblers, two-way radio accessories, telephone accessories, and infrared communications devices. Following the acquisition of Controlonics by the Dynatech Corporation (1984), as Vice President, Operations, in addition to product development responsibility, Mr. Turner managed a manufacturing organization with two facilities in the United States and engineering and manufacturing groups in Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Mr. Turner is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Licensing Executive Society, and the Association of University Technology Managers.